28-29 October 2021 | Minsk, Belarus
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28 or 29 October 2021

Visit to the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus (Opera and Ballet Theatre)

The national academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus is the only opera house and the largest theatre in the Republic of Belarus located in Minsk. The theater building is a model of Soviet pre-war constructivism, that has the status of an architectural monument of national importance.

Ballet: TBD

It is expected that the ballet starts at 19.00, duration 2 hours.

Theatre website


28 or 29 October 2021

Tour of Minsk

  -   unique double decker buses and retro phaeton
  -   audio guide in 8 languages
  -   18 main sights: Railway Station, Nezavisimosty square, Palace of Republic, Circus, Pobedy Square, Academy of Sciences, Botanical garden, Children’s Railway, National library of Belarus, Yakuba Kolasa Square, Komarovskiy market, Trinity Suburb, Pobedy Park , Independence Palace, Minsk Arena, Olympic Committee, Sport Palace and Town Hall

You will be able:
  -   to get acquainted with the past and the present of our city
  -   to learn the historical mysteries of Minsk and how it managed to be restored after numeric wars
  -   to visit highways and squares
  -   to find out the peculiarities of the Government House construction process which was created without use of machine equipment
  -   to travel along the wide Praspyekt Nyezalyezhnastsi designed by an example of Nevsky prospect in St. Petersburg
  -   to visit Zamčyšča, the place where ancient Minsk was founded
  -   to visit the best museums